Some helpfull stuph about cisco routers and switches

Setting a proper clock configuration for Europe/Warsaw

Ok, for a proper configuration of polish timezone on a cisco router/switch we need to set up two things:
the actual timezone (UTC+0100)
and the daylight saving time (here called a summer-time)
the first one is quite easy, but as for DST.. i never rememeber when it happens (i usually hear somewhere on the radio/tv that tomorrow we will be changing the time... and thats it), once for all:
switch to summer time happens on last Sunday of March
switch to winter time happens on last Sunday of October
which in cisco IOS gives us, the following:
clock timezone Warsaw 1
clock summer-time Warsaw recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 3:00

Setting an ntp server/client in Poland

Ok, this is an obvious stuph, so why do i write it? Simple i never remember the server ip addreses ;)
ntp max-associations 3
ntp peer
ntp peer
ntp peer
ntp peer
ntp peer
ntp peer

and now a litle bit of a description: - this server is located in Germany, and is provided by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (a national science institute)
They actualy have 3 caesium clocks and one caesium fontain, they produce time for the whole Germany, and ofcourse they are a stratum 1.
admins email is: ntp-admin at and - those servers ar courtesy of BOROWIEC ASTROGEODYNAMIC OBSERVATORY
vega is said to be connected to a GPS time source and pavo is said to have a caesium source, so both of them should be a stratum 1, but pavo seems to be dead as for now (24/07/2003). admin's email is: kondor at - this server is located in The Czech Republic, it is provided by CESNET
It is a GPS device connected to a PC, so it is a stratum 1 server.
admin's email is: ntp-admin at - this is also located in poland,a nd is run by
This is another GPS time source, so its a stratum 1.
admins email is: wslusarczyk AT - this server is located in poland, ad run by Academic Computer Center CYFRONET
This is a stratum 2 server.
admins email is: Jerzy.Pawlus AT

so, why am i giving the admins email adreses' ? when you want to suck time from someone, let him know about it ;)

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